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Maria Juana Salio De La Puente


Although my degree was in Philosophy I have spent all my life teaching. I taught adults while I was living in my country (Spain), then I worked as a lecturer in South Bank University (London) teaching Spanish language plus Business and politics. When I met my Australian husband I moved to Sydney (1999) where I have been working in UTS, UNSW, CCE and finally I have been working in The University of Sydney since 2004. I really like teaching adults I learn a lot from then. Apart from my profession I love travelling and I have traveled a lot (Australia, New Zealand, South East Asia and Europe)I also have a passion for: World cinema (I have a huge collection of Spanish and Latin American films).In addition, I love reading and for the last few years I have been very interested in Colombian literature. I like music and every day, I walk, practice a bit of yoga and meditation. Finally, I love dogs and cats.

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