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Nejmeh Habib

Nejmeh Habib


Dr. Nejmeh Habib is a dedicated teacher and lecturer, a researcher and a creative writer. She is the author of “From Australia: Contemporary Literary Faces” (2006), “...And the children Pay the Price”, short stories (2001), “A spring that doesn't Blossom” (2003) and “Humanitarian Patterns in the Literature of Ghassan Kanafani” (1999).

Dr. Habib is a well known literary figure in the Arabic community in Australia. She earned The International Literary Award of Jubran Khalil Jubran (2006) and the grant of Australia council for Arts (2004). She has published many literary articles in well-known Arabic journals such as Al-Karmel, Al-Kalimah, An-Najah University Research Journal and others. She has published articles and short stories in English in Australia. Her PhD thesis is currently in press.

Nejmeh is a teacher and a lecturer in the Arabic language and literature for around thirty years. She always develops her abilities and techniques to meet the requirements of her students.

Dr. Habib has worked as a lecturer at Sydney University since early 2002 in both The Department of Arabic and Islamic Studies and the Centre for Continuing Education. Student feedback confirm that Nejmeh is a very successful teacher.